About Jem's Gem Box

About Jem's Gem Box


Hand Made Couture Gemstone Jewellery

Jewellery Designer and Specialist Wirework Tutor

based in Banbury, Oxfordshire

Unique Gemstone Jewellery

Hand crafted with love


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Jem's Gem Box strives to create unique one-of-a-kind pieces of jewellery, at prices which are affordable for all.

We set out in 2010 to offer an inexpensive alternative to the then huge charm jewellery boom. Collecting a vast array of charms and component parts, Jem's Gem Box found clients were delighted with the chance to own the look without having to spend hundreds.

Within a few months, the desire to "create from the ground upwards" infiltrated and we soon began crafting handmade gemstone jewellery. Over the following 4 years, we have primarily self taught in a wide range of media, including wire, chain and scale maille, macramé, traditional silversmithing, seed beading and classic bead-stringing.

Jem's Gem Box is constantly making brand new design "boutique unique" jewellery, with precious genuine gemstones, alongside a small but blossoming range of home decor items and fashion jewellery. We are happiest when taking a beautiful nature-given gemstone and making it accessible; something that can be admired, held close, worn every day. One of our driving passions is that we love to innovate, rather than replicate; we all have to learn an art, but isn't it a thing of beauty to take that and truly make it your own?

Right now, we're developing our wirework pendants into a distinctive Jem's Gem Box style, with a wide variety of gemstones, wire combinations and price points. Each piece will be guaranteed unique. Prices start at just £20.

We love a challenge, too, and some of our most "challenging" pieces are client bespoke commissions; either with very little input, a budgetary requirement or some unusual design ideas, some of our more atypical work has been created via special request.

Whether bespoke or off-the-peg; unless otherwise requested, each item of jewellery is one-of-a-kind and our tag-line has become "Why buy mass produced low-quality poorly constructed fashion wear that 20,000 other people own, when you can wear a piece that nobody else will ever own for a very similar price.

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This website is here to show you just a small selection of the kind of jewellery I can custom make for you.  I also offer a sourcing service for specialist items.

If you would like a piece of jewellery, just drop me an email and I will either source something for you, or create it from scratch ~ then I can photograph it for you, or we can meet for your approval.

In addition to my handcrafted gemstone jewellery and fashion jewellery, I carry a large range of Sterling Silver genuine gemstone set jewellery, including pagan, spiritual and christian items.  I can also source most items to specific requirements, there is usually a beautiful silver charm to match your hobby or passion, it's just a case of hunting it down!

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